Switch Blade Wake

What Is the Switch Blade Wake Enhancement System

The Switchblade is a bolt on aftermarket wake building system for inboard tow boats that can replace and enhance ballast systems.  By pulling the boat down in the water and redirecting the prop wash, it effectively increases the wake.Switch Blade Operation




With it’s state of the art design it:

  • Creates larger wake without adding excessive weight, eliminating unwanted wear and tear on your boat’s motor and transmission
  • Improves the boats performance and fuel economy
  • Improves wake shape to create a cleaner, higher, more gradual wake and increases water volume to the center
  • Wake adjusts by the flip of a switch allowing beginners and pros to ride the wave desired

Blade does not affect steering

  • Blade is mounted on pin to allow rudder to turn with boat.
  • Steering in reverse is enhanced due to added rudder surface.


Blade does not negatively affect performance

  • The blade can be trimmed to a neutral position for minimal drag
  • The blade can be trimmed out slightly to raise the bow increasing performance.

Works with both direct drive and V-drive inboards

Features and Benefits

  • Deck AND interior space returned for your enjoyment due to less added ballast
  • Less weight eliminates unwanted wear and tear on your engine and transmission

Swiveling Rudder

  • Blade is mounted with a pin that allows the rudder to move with your boat
  • Acts as a second rudder improving your steering and maneuvering

Break Away Pin

  • The blade will break away should you hit any unseen objects protecting your boat

Adjustable at any speed

  • Wake height is fully adjustable at any speed with a touch of a button
  • Go from board to surf in a blink of an eye

Heavy duty Stainless Steel construction

  • Welded blade, assures rigidity for consistent wakes
  • Saltwater or Freshwater use
  • Built for years of use

Quality and Security

  • Double Reinforced 68 Square Inch Backing Plate distributes stress evenly across back of you transom
  • BLADE is easily removable to prevent theft
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel