Switch Blade Wake

SwitchBlade Wake Racing

The team is back together again!!!!!

 Doc and Joe raced together through out the 80’s and rejoined in 2006 to continue the winning heritage.

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Doc Drag102

Dave “Doc” Janus

Doc has had a career in drag and endurance racing for the past 36 years. In 2004 he exploded on the scene winning several titles. By day he runs Doc’s Hobby Shop in St. Petersburg, FL in which he is a custom engine and car builder, but the weekends are devoted only to winning. Doc is strong proponent of the Switchblade and an advocate of the safety concerns of overloading boats. He races a ’04 Mullis Chassie w/540ci Merlin, top dragster class. His winning titles include: Male Driver of the Year, Most Consistent Driver of the Year, Two Time Track Champion, and Southeast Division Finals Winner.

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Joe Zsido

Starting his racing career in 1972, Joe, the co-inventor of the Switchblade, is back to racing after taking a few years off to start and run his company Custom Stainless Steel in Benton, IL. He was able to rebuild the engine in his dragster that he built himself back in 1986. That is what got him back on the track! As a part time racer he has excelled in getting back with a few wins in the races he has attended.