Switch Blade Wake

Technical Information

How will the SwitchBlade change my pre-existing wake?

The engineers dismissed the assumption that the only way to create bigger wake is to push the boat deeper in to the water by adding a huge amount of weight. It is true the SwitchBlade pulls the boat deeper into the water with the force equivalent to 1200lbs but it is how it works with your boat’s prop wash that makes the difference of adding ballast, to making your boat think it has the weight added to it. By directing the prop wash up under the naturally occurring rise in the water, the blade lifts the table higher creating a taller wake. The shape of the blade was developed to concentrate the prop wash under the table, not allowing it to spill out into the ramps or crest keeping the wake clean with the maximum pop. At wake surfing speeds the SwitchBlade simply builds a HUGE wake with a ton of curl giving you that ocean wave feel on your local lake.

Will it fit on my boat?

The Switchblade Wake System will fit on many boats that have the necessary transom clearance.  Please refer to our installation pattern for the required space.


What is the difference in the new surf blade vs. the standard?

The Surf SwitchBlade is 1 ½” deeper in the water than the standard. The different angle on the rudder makes it more aggressive.  For performance and set up inquires please use our contact form and our professional advisor (rider), JamesZ will be happy to speak with you about the many benefits of using the Switchblade Wake System.

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