Custom Stainless & Aluminum Products is a company dedicated to providing products that increaes the enjoyment and capabilities of wakesports enthusiast. Starting with the development of the wake-boat-redSwitchBlade in 2004, we have changed the way wakesport riders have looked at wake enhancement. Wake enhancement once meant adding weight to the boat to increase the size of the wake. With the look to the future and to the safety of boaters, the SwitchBlade was born as the alternative.

The SwitchBlade concept was developed when Tom Earl of Cape Coral, FL wanted to take his son wakeboarding behind his 1984 Ski Supreme. Since the Ski Supreme was orginally developed for 3 event skiing, it did not produce the wake needed for wakeboarding. Tom pulled together his knowledge of hydrodynamics and a couple of welders, and developed the first protype which turned his boat into a wakeboarding boat. Joe owns Custom Stainless Steel in Benton, IL and has spent his life working on and around boats. Combining Tom's ideas and Joes knowledge of metal fabrication and the engineering of boats they formed a partnership that brought the SwitchBlade to the market. Together they will continue to take wakesports to the next level.

The SwitchBlade is manufactured by Custom Stainless Steel, Inc. CSS is a high quality supplier to the best boat manufactures in the country. Premier boat companies, at the top of J.D. Power ranking, look to CSS for the quality innovative parts that keep these companies at the top rankings.